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You have key GIS and IT staff who can successful manage your day-to-day operations. Let us share our 26 years at Esri, 32 years in GIS and 45 years in the IT industry experience with you by providing training for these key personnel.

Your teams execute day-to-day operations, engage with customers and constituents, and create products and services that give you a competitive advantage. Equip them with the GIS and IT technology skills they need to achieve your strategic goals.

We can help you identify your GIS and IT training needs by:

  • Providing training recommendations for individual GIS and IT roles and business requirements

  • Create focused, short-term or long-term training plans to support GIS and IT activities, projects or programs

We can help you define custom training classes based on your GIS and IT requirements.

Enterprise GIS Performance Tuning Class

This class will also be offered in the following formats:

●  2- Day online course
●  3-Day online course
●  Add 3rd Day to 2-Day online course


Note:  Attendees that choose  the 3-Day course will also receive up to 4 hours of additional support from PriorIT Consulting, LLC.  A $1,000 value!

Click on the above link to get more information about the classes and to book an upcoming class.

About this Course

This course will provide a holistic approach to the following topics to address success for your Enterprise GIS and IT operations:

  • How to Plan for Enterprise GIS and IT Success – Developing a Strategic Plan

  • Setting Expectations for Capacity Planning and Performance – System Architecture Design

  • Using Best Practices throughout Every Component of Your Enterprise GIS

  • Identifying and Addressing Issues – What and how to use appropriate tools and how to address issues found

  • Performance Testing – How to perform testing to certify expectations are being met

  • Performance Tuning – How to address capacity and performance issues and tune your existing environment

  • What Tools to Use to Achieve Enterprise GIS and IT operations success

  • Best Practice Recommendations for Enterprise GIS and IT Environments

  • How to Monitor and Maintain Your Enterprise GIS and IT Environment

  • Additional Resources and Support Available


This course will present methods for selecting optimal ArcGIS Enterprise tiered architecture (e.g. scaling out, hosted feature services, hardware and network capacity requirements), configuration (e.g. optimal instance configuration), performance tuning, testing and monitoring. We will present and demo tools for analyzing the key performance factors and the root cause to address any performance issues across the whole of the Enterprise GIS operations.


Attendees will learn hands-on practical skills that will help reduce the administration and infrastructure costs, including: finding costly bottlenecks, identifying under or over utilized resources, tuning and testing for performance, analyzing usage trends and producing effective reports.

Click on the link below to see additional training classes available for booking.

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