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Strategic Planning

An enterprise GIS implementation involves a considerable amount of commitment and business investment to be successful. A clear understanding of what it will take to successfully meet your business objectives is important. Standard planning practices and typical project tasks and timelines are provided to help define your implementation goals.


The Strategic Planning service will help you position your company to better your enterprise GIS data and more rapidly turn this data into information and solutions from which intelligent decisions can be made.  This service provides short and long-term operational and strategic actions and associated deliverables to meet the overriding vision of streamlined data availability and information delivery.


Strategic Plan Provides

  • Vision for a Organization-wide, Company-wide or City-wide Operational Deployment - Removal of Silos

  • Centralized Management of Operations

  • Collaboration of Personnel Working Together

  • Opportunity to investigate Cloud-Based, Virtual Session through an Application Server, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Architectures

  • Opportunity to re-assign roles of IT personnel

  • Opportunity to take advantage of latest and greatest software and hardware technologies

  • Consolidation of Enterprise GIS Software Resources including Web GIS Applications

  • Consolidation of Enterprise GIS Hardware Resources including Multiple Silos of GIS Servers

  • Implementation of Open-Data Initiative - Spatial Data Infrastructure

  • All Opportunities to Greatly Reduce Cost for Your Enterprise GIS and IT Operations

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