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We offer our customers the most comprehensive and cost-effective services to support their enterprise GIS and IT operations from start to finish.


An enterprise GIS/IT Program is made up of the following lifecycle phases.

Strategy and Planning

Strategy and Planning focuses on how to establish a strategic plan; this includes identifying objectives, developing a business case, defining user requirements and organizing staff and training.

  • Strategic Planning

  • Business Case Development

  • Implementation Planning

  • Organizational Planning

  • Risk Management

  • Enterprise GIS Health Check

  • Enterprise GIS Utility Health Check




Analysis and Design includes database and application development, systems integration, quality assurance/testing and configuration management.

  • Solutions Architecture

  • Data and Database Solution Architecture

  • Application Solution Architecture

  • Enterprise GIS Solution Architecture

  • Infrastructure Planning

  • Enterprise GIS Architecture Review

  • Enterprise GIS Architecture Design

  • Security Solution Architecture




Development and Deployment covers systems development, installation, application functional testing, performance testing and user training.

  • ​ArcGIS for Server Integration Planning

  • ArcGIS for Server Assistance

  • ArcGIS for Server Installation and Startup

  • ArcGIS for Server Image Extension Installation and Startup

  • Portal for ArcGIS Installation and Startup

  • ArcGIS Citrix Consulting

  • Geodatabase Consulting

  • ArcGIS Server Consulting

  • Security Consulting

  • Performance & scalability Testing

  • Heavy Performance & Scalability Testing

  • Technology Transfer

  • Project System Administration

  • System Tools Training

  • Custom Training

  • Custom Services




Production and Operation phase provides information on how to successfully maintain, monitor, tune and obtain support and services for your Enterprise GIS environment.

  • Enterprise GIS Performance Assessment

  • ArcGIS for Server Image Extension Implementation Assessment

  • Performance Tuning

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Maintenance

  • Technical Support

Service Programs


Click on the following PDF to see a description for available services associated with each enterprise GIS and IT Program lifecycle phases shown above.

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