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New Fiscal Year Considerations

Dear Customer,


     PriorIT Consulting would like to propose some Fiscal year end and next year startup opportunities for you to seriously consider.  If your company has this year’s Fiscal monies to either spend or loose and is in need of planning for the upcoming Fiscal Year budget, PriorIT Consulting can help you achieve this.


     Unfortunately, Covid-19 has taken your company and your Enterprise GIS operations to a virtual stand-still for over a year now, putting you behind in your technology.  Budgets will be very tight, why and how much funding you will need to accomplish this successfully will be crucial to identify.  Also, customer implementations have been managed in a “just keep the lights on” mode of operation.  There may be a lot of issues that need to be addressed first but have been put off until now.  It is all very overwhelming!


     This is all holding you back from moving their Enterprise GIS and IT operations forward and seeing the best “return on your investment”.  This is where PriorIT Consulting can really help you come out of this “Covid-19 period” better than ever.  There is no better time for you to level set your Enterprise GIS environments.  Check to see if is the best it can be before you move it forward the best way, lowest cost and first time.


     Therefore, the following is the type of services and class opportunities we can offer your company to get this accomplished:


Health Check

  • Level set your Enterprise GIS environments

  • Check to see that current environment is best it can be

  • Determine what are the concerns and issues that need to be addressed

  • Identify findings, recommendations and level of effort to address the concerns and issues

  • Address concerns and issues before you migrate to new technologies

  • Training of GIS and IT personnel as required

Strategic Plan

  • Help you define a budget for your Enterprise GIS and IT based on requirements

  • Use the Health Check findings and recommendations to help define a required budget

  • Incorporate best practices, testing, tuning and maintenance of GIS and IT operations

  • Incorporation of GIS and IT personnel as required

System Architecture Design

  • Consider new technologies like Cloud deployments

  • If required for new hardware environment based on Health Check or migration to new technologies

  • Build out successfully, development, test and production environments

  • Provide high-availability and fault-tolerant Enterprise GIS operations

  • Training of GIS and IT personnel as required

Migration Strategies

  • Upgrade to latest and greatest environments across whole spectrum of GIS and IT environments and technologies

  • Identify what new functionality you want to take advantage of and how to accomplish it

  • Training of GIS and IT personnel as required



  • Define an implementation plan

  • Utilize System Requirements

  • Define and implement best practices to do it right first time

  • Training of GIS and IT personnel as required

Testing and Tuning

  • Define a functional, capacity and performance test plan

  • Define a Performance Tuning plan if required

  • Achieve production readiness

  • Take the GIS and Performance Tuning Class

  • This provides customers with “custom, hands-on training across whole spectrum of GIS and IT” tailored for their environment

  • Identify the methods, tools, tips and tricks and best practices to use to be successful

  • Put the power of success in your GIS and IT staff’s hands

  • Training of GIS and IT personnel as required

Maintenance, Support and Staffing

  • Help customers define a maintenance plan

  • Help customers define a support plan

  • Take advantage of technical support to your IT staff by the hour, through a service, training classes or program of services, support and training

  • Define a staffing plan

  • Training of GIS and IT personnel as required

ArcGIS Monitoring Deployment and Training

  • Set up and configure Esri ArcGIS Monitor for ELA and EEAP customers

  • Teach you how to collect and analysis statistics from Esri ArcGIS Monitor

  • Interpret the findings and define recommendations on how to optimize your environment

    • This can be done by generating and sending reports to us on a monthly basis

    • We can provide findings and recommendations to implement or

    • Train your GIS and IT to get this accomplished

  • Training of GIS and IT personnel as required

     Please contact us if you have any questions and if you are interested in talking with us or obtaining a proposal.  Be happy to accommodate you.  Again, I wish you the absolute best during this COVID-19 recovery period.  I know we all get through this together.  Thank you for your consideration!  Hope to hear from you.




Tom Pattison, President and Founder

PriorIT Consulting, LLC

Where Customer Success is Our Highest PriorIT!


Office:   (909) 674-2415

Cell:      (909) 674-2418

FAX:     (909) 674-2415



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