TrainingYou have key GIS and IT staff who can successful manage your day-to-day operations. Let us share our 25 years at Esri and 40+ years in the industry experience with you by providing training for these key personnel.

Your teams execute day-to-day operations, engage with customers and constituents, and create products and services that give you a competitive advantage. Equip them with the GIS and IT technology skills they need to achieve your strategic goals.

We can help you idlentify your GIS and IT training needs by:

  • Providing training recommendations for individual GIS and IT roles and business requirements
  • Create focused, short-term or long-term training plans to support GIS and IT activities, projects or programs
  • Define  custom training classes based on combinations of classes focused on your GIS and IT requirements
Classes Offered

PriorIT Consulting, LLC is proud to offer the following onsite or remote classes:

    •  How to Plan and Manage a Successful Enterprise GIS Implementation
    •  System Architecture Design Process
    •  System Designer Tool
    •  System  Test for Desktop Tool and Process
    •  System Test for Web Tool and Process
    •  System Monitor 1 Tool, System Log Parser Tool and Process
    •  Test Plan Development and Process
    •  Performance Monitoring and Tuning Process
    •  Portal for ArcGIS Implementation
    •  How to Deploy Web GIS Using ArcGIS Online

Our highly trained and courteous training professionals will help you whether your current enterprise GIS/IT operations has issues that need addressing, needs a tune-up, or you want to migrate to new technologies or you are want to start a new design and implementation.  We want to work with you through a long-term process and strategy.

Custom Training Our highly trained and courteous training professionals can help you put together custom training packages based on a combination of the classes offered above.  Their focus will be to focus on your needs and requirements and put together a custom training regime that provide you the exact training you need for your enterprise GIS operations at the least amount of time, effort and cost to you.
Video CampusVideo campus classes are not yet available. Please check back to see what will be offered.

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