Strategy And PlanningThe following provides a description of the services available for the Strategy and Planning lifecycle of the enterprise GIS and IT Program diagram shown under Professional Services.Service Descriptions:

An enterprise GIS implementation involves a considerable amount of commitment and business investment to be successful. A clear understanding of what it will take to successfully meet your business objectives is important. Standard planning practices and typical project tasks and timelines are provided to help define your implementation goals. The Strategic Planning service will help you position your company to better your enterprise GIS data and more rapidly turn this data into information and solutions from which intelligent decisions can be made.  This service provides short and long-term operational and strategic actions and associated deliverables to meet the overriding vision of streamlined data availability and information delivery.

The Business Case Development service provides the basic concepts of GIS, real-world case studies on its benefits, GIS best practices, and information on GIS software products and services.  GIS software is being used to implement a wide range of industry-focused solutions. This service shows how GIS is used by different industries, provides sample enterprise GIS case studies, and information on GIS standards and interoperability.

Enterprise GIS implementations generally involve a re-engineering of user workflows. The Implementation Planning service identifies some key resources to help customers understand their user workflow and system requirements.  This service will allow you to determine if you need to outsource the work or do in house (cloud versus on premise).  It will also provide you a way to development a procurement strategy, build out a statement of work (in house) or request for proposal (RFP) (outsource) and identify vendor selections.

A variety of resources are available to support training and maintenance of a skilled project implementation team.  The Organizational Planning service identifies the process of identifying an organization's immediate and long-term objectives, and formulating and monitoring specific strategies to achieve them. This service also identifies staffing and resource allocation, and is one of the most important responsibilities of a management team.

Risk management is the recognition of, and response to, risk. The Risk Management service helps you plan for managing risks and avoid common mistakes in your Enterprise GIS environment.  This service will help you to identify, assess, and prioritize risks followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of unfortunate events and to maximize the realization of opportunities.

Do you know the health of your Enterprise GIS?  The Enterprise GIS Health Check will provide a review and assessment of the overall state of the production GIS implementation based on key best practices considerations.  It is a proactive approach designed to provide early detection and evaluation of potential issues through a review of system configuration, workflows, error logs, system administration and operations.  This service will focus on reviewing high-level usage and workflow associated with current ArcGIS products, data sources, and log files to identify errors and potential problems and provide recommendations and considerations for improvement.  A Heath Check report is provided following the on-site assessment.

Do you know the health of your Utility Enterprise GIS? This service focuses on the health of utility industry GIS production implementations. Similar to the standard Health Check service, it provides an assessment of the overall state of a customer’s production GIS. It is designed to provide early detection and evaluation of potential issues through a review of system configuration, error logs, and utility specific operations. A Utility Heath Check report is provided following the on-site assessment.

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