ServicesPriorIT Consulting, LLC offers a full range of Professional Services and Service Programs to meet all of your enterprise GIS and IT needs. We can provide your company knowledge transfer, best practices, and consulting support on a variety of GIS products and GIS management and IT tasks. Services and Service Programs are delivered by PriorIT Consulting, LLC professionals with over 25 years experience working at Esri and 40+ years experience to assist you with implementing an enterprise GIS faster and becoming more self-sufficient with GIS technologies.

  • Professional Services
    Whether its a short-term and focused activity, help making technical solutions, architecture and infrastructure decisions or support through your entire GIS program life cycle, we can offer customers the most comprehensive and cost-effective consulting services, service packages and service programs to support their enterprise GIS and IT operations from start to finish.
  • Enterprise Service Program
    Provides customers a more cost-effective opportunity to purchase a program to meet all of their enterprise GIS and IT requirements throughout the year. There are two options based on number of points and hours available for small-to-medium and large GIS and IT operations and business requirements. Customers can then use these points to purchase Professional Services, Training and Support.

    PriorIT Consulting, LLC specializes in consulting services for GIS and IT professionals and associated technologies and solutions.  PriorIT Consulting, LLC has a highly skilled services team dedicated to making  customer’s GIS and IT deployment and integration with existing systems successful through the following Professional Services:

    •  Strategic Planning
    •  Business Analysis
    •  Data Services
    •  Application Development and Design
    •  Solution Development and Design
    •  System Architecture Design
    •  Implementation Methodologies
    •  Testing and Tuning Methodologies
    •  Education/Training/Technology Transfer

    Our highly trained and courteous professionals will help you whether your current enterprise GIS and IIT operations have issues that need identifying and addressing, needs a tune-up, you want to migrate to new technologies or you are want to start a new design and implementation.  We want to work with you through a long-term process and strategy to optimize your current enterprise GIS and IT operations and maintain your success.

    Thank you for your consideration and we hope to have the opportunity to work with your company.  You will not be sorry, we guarantee it!

    Available services [PDF]

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