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PriorIT Consulting, LLC (Company Profile) has 25 years of GIS experience from working at Esri in the Development, Product Management and Professional Services Departments and 40+ years' experience in the IT industry.  This experience includes working with Esri software and services in a variety of industries. We want to assist enterprise GIS and IT customers throughout the whole process of their Program,  not just one-off activities as needed.

We are dedicated to the success and happiness of our clients and their staff. As an employee-owned small business, our passion is for your success by providing services, service programs, support and training to GIS and IT clients.

   Tom Pattison
   PriorIT Consulting, LLC

   120 Chisholm Trail
   Redlands, CA  92373
   Phone:  (909) 674-2418
   FAX:    (909) 792-3297

   Email:   TomPattison@PriorITConsulting.com


Tom Pattison currently lives in Redlands, California, and has provided consulting services previously with Esri Professional Services Department focused on applying a geographic approach to customer challenges for the last 25 years. We will apply the lessons learned and best practices developed since then to your project. PriorIT Consulting, LLC specializes in supporting customers with advanced needs and complex enterprise GIS operations. You can work with us to:

•    Design inventive enterprise GIS solutions to meet your business goals.
•    Use GIs to break down organizational silos and improve collaboration.
•    Build a solid GIS foundation that meets your needs now and helps you prepare for the future.

To further support you, PriorIT Consulting, LLC collaborates with a large network of partners to provide you additional expertise and technology solutions and support.


   Elena Pattison
   PriorIT Consulting, LLC

   120 Chisholm Trail
   Redlands, CA  92373
   Phone:  (909) 674-2415
   FAX:    (909) 792-3297

   Email:   Admin@PriorITConsulting.com


Elena Pattison is originally from Honolulu, Hawaii. She and Tom met there after he graduated from UC Riverside and they’ve been married for 30 years. Elena’s background is in Restaurant and Hotel Management and worked at some of the most prestigious hotels on Oahu. She spent most of her time raising their two children, both of which are in college, and volunteering at school functions. When Tom mentioned that he wanted to pursue a consulting business on his own, Elena supported the idea and PriorIt Consulting, LLC was started. She has seen Tom work and be successful throughout the years that he was with ESRI, Inc. and has witnessed numerous client success. With her knowledge, she will handle the accounting and administration functions of the business.

Our Core Philosophy

Values We Share

How We Conduct Ourselves

What We Do

PriorIT Consulting, LLC geospatial solutions range from enterprise-wide spatially enabled corporate systems to individually focused, custom desktop applications. A variety of different technologies are utilized based on the needs of the business model ensuring that internal networks, intranet, and Internet thin client protocols are properly utilized. The integration of these different technologies is typically required to support a complete business architecture.

PriorIT Consulting, LLC specializes in GIS and IT services for all facets of GIS planning, design, development and production lifecycles. Our team of GIS experts has extensive experience in the development and management of GIS operations for client projects of all sizes. Leveraging this experience we have helped develop comprehensive mapping systems for municipal, federal, state, local, and commercial clients worldwide.

We Specialize in the Following:

PriorIT Consulting, LLC offers a full range of short-term and long-term, high-impact Services and Service Packages that provide knowledge transfer, best practices, and consulting support on a variety of GIS products and GIS management tasks. Services and Service Packages are delivered by PriorIT Consulting, LLC professionals with over 25 years  working at Esri and 40+ years' experience to assist you with implementing an enterprise GIS faster and becoming self-sufficient with GIS technologies.

How We Do It

PriorIT Consulting, LLC follows the Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®) project implementation metholodogy. TOGAF is a detailed method and a set of supporting tools for developing an enterprise architecture. The key to TOGAF remains a reliable, practical method - the TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM) as shown by the following figure - for defining business needs and developing an architecture that meets those needs, utilizing the elements of TOGAF and other architectural assets available to the organization.

The TOGAF ADM is then interpreted and used as the basis for planning, designing, implementing and maintaining a successful enterprise GIS Program through Project lifecycles as shown in the following figure below.

The above approach can support both the agile and waterfall approaches, which ever the customer prefers us to use. However, which ever approach is used, we recommend that each activity above has both technical and management reviews and lot's of customer interactions.

Contact Us

Please contact the following PriorIT Consulting, LLC staff below if you would like to request services or obtain a quote. They would be happy to support you.  We look forward to working with you and thank you very much for your consideration.

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